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We all make mistakes. Thankfully, Foundation comes to our rescue for more than just our misspellings. Cocoa includes a simple yet robust API for undoing or redoing actions through NSUndoManager.

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There's a unique brand of modern angst that manifests the moment you decide to buy something online. While there's no English word for it, it translates roughly to "Where is my credit card? What is its number? How badly do I actually want this thing, anyway?"


After taking a look at WatchKit, there were a few things that jumped out coming from UIKit. They're the kind of subjective, opinionated things that don't make for good documentation, but might be interesting or useful to anyone else as they're getting started.


With all the different means to comment, mark up, save, and share right at our fingertips, it's easy to overlook the value of a printed sheet of paper.

Core Location in i​OS 8

For as long has the iPhone has existed, location services have been front and center. iOS 8 brings three major sets of changes to the Core Location framework: more granular permissions, indoor positioning, and visit monitoring.


The introduction of iPhone 6+ brought on a new importance for UISplitViewController. With just a few little tweaks, an app can now become Universal, with Apple handling most of the UI logic for all the different screen sizes.


Beneath the smooth glass of each shiny iPhone, nestled on a logic board between touch screen controllers and Apple-designed SoCs, the gyroscope and accelerometer sit largely neglected.


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