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In life, there's always work to be done. Every day brings with it a steady stream of tasks and chores to fill the working hours of our existence. Productivity is, as in life as it is in programming, a matter of scheduling and prioritizing and multi-tasking work in order to keep up appearances.

NSCalendar​Unit​Year was launched 2 years ago to the day. Each week since has featured a new article on some obscure topic in Objective-C or Cocoa (with only a couple gaps). Let's celebrate with some cake.


Conversion is the tireless errand of software development. Most programming tasks boil down to some variation of transforming data into something more useful.

Clang Diagnostics

Diagnostics combine logic with analytics to arrive at a conclusion. It's science and engineering at their purest. It's human reasoning at its most potent. For us developers, our medium of code informs the production of subsequent code, creating a positive feedback loop that has catapulted the development of technology exponentially over the last half century. For us Objective-C developers specifically, the most effective diagnostics come from Clang.

i​OS 8

Ask anyone, and they'll tell you: WWDC 2014 was the one of the most exciting in recent memory. This week, we'll take a look beneath the headline features, and share some of the more obscure APIs that everyone should know about.

NSHipster Quiz #6

Our second annual WWDC Pub Quiz! With dozens of teams, comprised of developers from all around the world, the competition was fierce. How will you stack up?


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