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Yesterday's article described various techniques for resizing images using APIs from the UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Image, and Image I/O frameworks. However, that article failed to mention some rather extraordinary functionality baked into the new Photos framework which takes care of all of this for you.

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Image Resizing Techniques

Since time immemorial, iOS developers have been perplexed by a singular question: 'How do you resize an image?'. This article endeavors to provide a clear answer to this eternal question.


Swift enumerations are a marked improvement over the NS_ENUM macro in Objective-C. Unfortunately, NS_OPTIONS does not compare as favorably.

Swift Default Protocol Implementations

Protocols are the foundation of generics in Swift, but suffer from the lack of a built-in way to provide default implementations for methods. However, there is an interesting workaround in Swift that you probably haven't noticed.


iOS has a complicated relationship with the web. And it goes back to the very inception of the platform nearly a decade ago.

Swift Literal Convertibles

Last week, we wrote about overloading and creating custom operators in Swift, a language feature that is as powerful as it is controversial. By all accounts, this week's issue threatens to be equally polarizing, as it covers a feature of Swift that is pervasive, yet invisible: literal convertibles.

Swift Operators

Operators in Swift are among the most interesting and indeed controversial features of this new language.


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