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A look at an obscure, little collection type that challenges our fundamental distinctions between Array, Set, and Dictionary.

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  • Secret Management on iOS

    One of the great unsolved questions in iOS development is, “How do I store secrets securely on the client?”

  • Message-ID and Mail.app Deep Linking on iOS and macOS

    Privacy enhancements to privacy in recent versions of iOS have afforded users much greater control of how their information is shared. However, these improvements have come at a slight cost to certain onboarding flows. Rather than attempting to work around Apple’s privacy protections with techniques like device fingerprinting, we can instead rely on a longtime system integration with email.

  • Device Identifiers and Fingerprinting on iOS

    For every era, there’s a monster that embodies the anxieties of the age.

  • Metric​Kit

    At WWDC this year, Apple announced a coordinated effort between Xcode 11 and iOS 13 to bring new insights to developers about how their apps are performing in the field.

  • Swift​UI Previews on macOS Catalina and Xcode 11

    Working on a large iOS codebase often involves a lot of waiting. But with Xcode 11, our wait is finally over — and it’s all thanks to SwiftUI.

  • iOS 13

    To mark last week’s release of iOS 13, we’re taking a look at some obscure (largely undocumented) APIs that you can now use in your apps.


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