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Playgrounds use a combination of language features and tooling to provide a real-time, interactive development environment. With the CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible protocol, you can leverage this introspection for your own types.

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Language Server Protocol

Apple’s adoption of LSP is arguably the most important decision they’ve made for Swift since releasing the language as open source in 2014. It’s a big deal for app developers, and it’s an even bigger deal for Swift developers on other platforms.


Void has no members: no methods, no values, not even a name. It’s a something more nothing than nil.


SwiftSyntax is a Swift library that lets you parse, analyze, generate, and transform Swift source code. Let’s see how you can use it to build a code formatter and syntax highlighter.


Getting code to compile is different than doing things correctly. But sometimes it takes the former to ultimately get to the latter.

Time​Interval, Date, and Date​Interval

Our limited understanding of time is reflected in — or perhaps exacerbated by — the naming of the Foundation date and time APIs. It’s about time we got them straight.

mac​OS Dynamic Desktop

Dark Mode is one of the most popular additions to macOS — especially among us developer types. If you triangulate between that and Night Shift, introduced a couple of years prior, you get the Dynamic Desktop feature, new in Mojave.