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Recent Articles

  • Language Server Protocol

    Apple’s adoption of LSP is arguably the most important decision they’ve made for Swift since releasing the language as open source in 2014. It’s a big deal for app developers, and it’s an even bigger deal for Swift developers on other platforms.

  • Swift Development with Visual Studio Code

    VSCode is a cross-platform text and source code editor from Microsoft, and among the first tools to support Language Server Protocol. With LSP for Swift now shipping in Xcode, it’s a great time to see how this integration works for yourself.

  • Contact Tracing

    Apple and Google announced a joint initiative to deploy contact tracing functionality to the billions of devices running iOS or Android in the coming months. In this article, we’ll take a first look at these specifications — particularly, Apple’s proposed ExposureNotification framework — in an effort to anticipate what this will all look like in practice.

  • Cross-Pollination

    A brief essay about the flowering of ideas, written for the occasion of Earth Day.

  • Swift Logging

    Developed by the Swift on Server community, its benefit isn’t limited to use on the server. Indeed, any Swift code intended to be run from the command line would benefit from adopting SwiftLog.

  • Xcode Build Configuration Files

    Software development best practices prescribe strict separation of configuration from code. Learn how you can use xcconfig files to make your Xcode projects more compact, comprehensible, and powerful.

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